The childhood contract that led to an extended world adventure / by Jane Hosking

I was 11 years old when I dreamt of traveling the world. At the time I lived in a small country town in Australia, and I spent my days climbing trees and playing barbies with my next door neighbour, Emma. We were an adventurous pair and we always had a sense that there was more to the world than our little town. Watching the adventures of Sinbad and other movies gave us a brief insight into the world outside.

One day we watched a film together called ‘Only You’. The story was about a young woman who searches for her destiny and her true love in Europe. In hindsight, the movie wasn’t great, but we were young, naive romantics, and were inspired to make a pact for the future. When we finished university we would travel to Europe together. We wrote out the details, including the places to go and even the outfits we would wear. We made a copy of ‘the contract’ for us both, signed our names on it, and swore that one day we would fulfill the plan.

The original copy of the contract from 1998. Note the destination of Venus and not Venice.

The original copy of the contract from 1998. Note the destination of Venus and not Venice.

Years went by and Emma left our small country town for boarding school in the city. We didn’t see each other much after that. But still, during my teenage years, when I was sick of high school and our small town, I dreamt of the world beyond and our future adventure. Our brothers told us that we were just dreaming and that we would never fulfill our contract. But Emma and I were determined.

High school came and went, and university too. Then at the beginning of 2013 Emma and I caught up and agreed that the time had come. I quit my job and decided that I wanted to travel for about 6 months. Emma would join me in Turkey (still technically Europe) and we would then travel to Israel together before she left to go back home and I continued my journey.

After learning for years from books I want to learn from the world. These stories will contain the adventures and lessons learnt from my travels with Emma and my extended world adventure.