A selection of my articles and writing:


Syrian families can’t afford to feed their children as aid is cut, Middle East Eye, 11th May 2015

Going to Waste: Recycling in Jordan, Venture Magazine, 28th October 2015

Lending to the Little Guy, Venture Magazine, 3rd September 2015

Red Sea-Dead Sea Project: Too Little, Too Late?, Venture Magazine, 3rd June 2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Finding the Funds, Venture Magazine, 3rd February 2015

Refugee Relief: Bringing Business on Board, Venture Magazine, 28 October 2014

Religious Tourism: a Sector’s Salvation?, Venture Magazine, 16th August 2014


Locked up at 14: Fund Bonna’s future, 17th May 2017

Into the Deep: Freediving in Aqaba, Venture Magazine, 20th August 2015

Dana Biosphere Reserve: A Serene Getaway, Venture Magazine, 29th January 2015

Jordan’s Gaping Gender Wage Gap, Venture Magazine, 11th June 2015

Ignatius on ISIS, Venture Magazine, 18th November 2014


UN Launches New Global Development Goals, Venture Magazine, 27th October 2015

Jordanian Designer Creates Next-Gen Refugee Tent, Venture Magazine, 11th October 2015

Millennium Development Goals Help Lift 1 Billion Out of Poverty, Venture Magazine, 11th August 2015

Fund Activates JD25 Million for Renewable Energy Projects, Venture Magazine, 13th August 2015

Half of Syrian Refugee Children out of School –Report, Venture Magazine, 22 April 2015

ISIS and Syrian War Costing Region Billions, Venture Magazine, 11th February 2015




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